Rosie is a spirited 4-year old with boundless energy and imagination. She’s full of life and loves living in the big city with her mom and dad. After spending all day at pre-school, she just can’t wait until her parents get home from work so she can tell them about her day. She enjoys her nightly rituals: dinner, bath, stories and lights out!

Each night when Rosie goes off to sleep, a whole new world opens. It’s a hopeful, and aspirational world where Rosie can be anything she wants.

Rosie Wants To Be A Dancer

While spending the morning at her Mommy’s dance class, Rosie decides that the stage will be her future office. She could be a real dancer and her audience agrees. Rosie learns you are never too small to start dreaming big! Her dreams come with costumes, curtain calls, and so much more!

Tonight it’s a dancer, tomorrow it might be a doctor. Every night (or nap!) is a chance to do it all over again!

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Rosie Wants To Be A Fireman

When called to help rescue a cat from a tree, Rosie is certain she has found her calling. She could be a real fireman! And the fireman agrees. Because after all, when you can dream big, you can be anything your heart desires.

Tonight it’s a fireman, tomorrow it might be an acrobat. Every night is a chance to do it all over again!